03/10/13--Yet more new tattoo designs, almost too many to count, including two new kyuubi in color, a yatagarasu, and more!

08/12/12--A whole mess of new tattoo designs, too many to list, are now up! In addition, my first ebook cover illustration for Mortis Unbound is also up--check it out!

04/05/12--I've finally gotten caught up with the website, just in time for Sakuracon 2012! Check out a cascade of new tattoo designs, plus a new color version of Quetzalcoatl.

01/15/12--My first tattoo design of 2012--a new arctic fox.

12/28/11--The newest edition of the Pink Pig saga: Pink Pig, Christmas 2011!

09/11/11--Three new tattoo designs up, plus some others: a nine-tailed kitsune in color, plus two new open edition designs for sale: kitsune mon 2 and kitsune mon 3

06/28/11--I've been so behind in updating my pages, it's not even funny ... new commissioned designs on my tattoos page, plus a new personal illustration, titled 'Flight', that debuted at Sakuracon 2011. :)

10/31/10--A whole mess of new tattoo designs, plus two new commissioned illustrations: Kimono Crane and ECM Crow

04/27/10--Two new open edition tattoo designs, finished for Sakuracon 2010: Kyuubi and Stalking Kitsune.

03/11/10--A very unique 9-tailed kitsune tattoo design added--it was a real challenge!

02/13/10--Newest commision--another nine-tailed kitsune tattoo design.

11/09/09--Wow, commissions galore--and I've finally put up my backlogged work. Check out multiple new pieces on my tattoo, fantasy illustration and sketch pages!

06/07/09--New stuff! My latest kitsune tattoo commission, a watchful five-tailed fox! And a new piece for Illustration Friday, called Quetzalcoatl.

04/19/09--A second arctic fox tattoo, this one a bit more foxy-looking.

03/21/09--Some new changes--my graphic design page was showing its age, and since I haven't done any new graphic design work in quite some time, it has been retired to make way for a new page of tattoo designs. Including a brand new Sun Kitsune commissioned piece!

03/8/09--Playing catch up with three new pieces! One new arctic fox tattoo, one promotional piece for the Chinese New Year, and one remake of an old idea, called Genesis!

01/10/09--First piece of the new year. Kitsune Woman is a new blackwork tattoo piece, finished from a rejected client sketch that I liked too much to let go.

11/01/08--New blackwork pic--not a commission, for change. This was one I did just for myself; I've had this image in my head for over a year, and finally got it down. I call it SunDance.

8/18/08--New tattoo commission, this one in full color! I call it Kitsune Summon, and I'm very happy with how it came out ....

6/1/08--New pic--in color even! Inspired by a friend's request, check out Earth Turtle.

4/24/08--New color pic, created in time for Sakuracon. Titled Myth & Legend, it was originally done for an Illustration Friday prompt. I'm rather happy about how it turned out.

2/27/08--First pic of the new year--a new tattoo design, called Kitsune Ascendant. I couldn't resist. :)

1/15/08--Last pic of the old year--a portrait of Monica, for a friend, in my blackwork style, of course!

12/11/07--New tattoo design! Another kitsune, this one a bit more playful, a bit more feminine. I had a lot of fun with it. :-)

10/2/07--New picture up. Something old, something new ... I wasn't 100% happy with my earlier Tengu pic, so I redid it--this one is titled 'Hanare', for the moment in kyudo when the arrow is released ..

.9/29/07--New tattoo commission up--a three-tailed kitsune in my blackwork style! :-)

8/8/07--Color version of Rahab; fanart from the Legacy of Kain series.

7/17/07--A new blackwork piece, The Queen Bee, is up in fantasy illustrations.

7/15/07--Bunches of new sketchy type stuff here~! Am scanning some of my sketchbook work, to show more of a range of things that I've done.

7/10/07--New Pink Pig picture up in sketches. Currently playing with the idea of a children's book based on him ...

5/23/07--New Bio page up! Prints available in the revamped commissions page, shopping cart to come soon ...

4/11/07--Three new pics up for Sakuracon 2007--As the Tengu Flies, Moonwoman Night Phase, and The Crane Wife II. The last two are even in color--shocking, I know. :-) In addition, I also have a color version of Lions on the Savannah, and am in the process of revamping my galleries (again).

1/23/07--New fantasy blackwork pictures up, as well as a new Santa commission

10/19/06--New pictures up for Yaoi-con 2006!  Hunky men galore (at least I hope so!) in Gettin' Some Tail and Lions on the Savannah.  :)

09/12/06--New pictures put up in several galleries.  Frankenstein In Space, a christmas comission, and two new sketches!

6/6/06--Redesign in progress...

5/9/06--A fairly significant update on both my sketches, fantasy illustration, and graphic design pages, featuring older graphic design work and logos as well as my newer blackwork experiments. Trying to update the site to accurately reflect my current portfolio, so some older, less sophisticated pieces have been weeded out... Eventually I will be replacing my frames and revamping the look of the site.

2/8/04--Commissions page is finally up! Check it out! Give me feedback....or if you like my stuff, feel free to order something of your own

6/16/03--Finally finished a viable overhaul, including some of my more recent projects. Check out 2 new book cover illustrations on my commercial illustration page.

2/25/03--Overhauled website, including new work in illustration and graphic design pages. Commission page created..